Chief Executive Statement

Olympic Polymers is a Company committed to the objective of maintaining a high level of Service and Quality in the provision of Plastic Resin Manufacturing services to its World wide clientele.

All personnel within this Company are involved in ensuring that our customers receive high standards of products and services, which will result in the continued growth and strength of the Company.

We acknowledge that a Quality System which demands continued execution of its proven methods of conducting business in a professional and economic manner, will ensure our objective is repeatedly achieved.

To achieve our objective, we shall:

  • Implement and maintain Olympic Polymers Quality System.
  • Ensure, through training and periodic audits, that all personnel are fully aware of Olympic Polymers Quality Assurance requirements.
  • Ensure, through Managerial responsibility, that the Olympic Polymers Quality Standards are not compromised.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager shall have the authority and be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Quality System.
  • Continuously strive to improve the Quality of our products and service to our clients through continuous monitoring of our systems.